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Many of us will celebrate Thanksgiving, often with friends and family gathered around the dinner table. This year I would be spending my Thanksgiving supporting the University of California Irvine Medical Center, which immediately makes me thankful for…


1. Having the opportunity to help and serve others in such a special day away from their families and

2. My health, which allows me to support others in their journey back to their own health.

At this time of year, we give thanks for happiness, friendship, financial stability, opportunity, life! It also seems like as good a time as any to think about and give thanks for our HEALTH.  It is that time of year when small changes in what we do and eat can add up to a big impact in the next months to come. 

We are all free to celebrate Thanksgiving any way we want to. I believe that when it comes to being together with our loved ones, we want to spend the time interacting with each other and perhaps remembering warm childhood memories. But the matter of fact is that most of us spend the time counting calories and eating “a little bit of this” and “a little bit of that” to prevent ourselves from overeating or gaining weight. Even though we are enjoying this time together, subconsciously we are not. I don’t want this constant worry to be part of your Thanksgiving celebration, after all I don’t think any of us are thankful for “worry” or “guilt” anyway.

Let’s  consider a few of the following tips to make this year’s Thanksgiving your most enjoyable and healthy yet.

Lighten your turkey. If you are planning on roasting a turkey, try buying one that is a few pounds lighter than the one you normally purchase. This will allow you to have less meat leftover and enjoy more of the fruit and veggie dishes (and why not a thin slice of pie?). As always, look for organic and pasture-raised turkey.

Make your side dishes “veggie or bean based”: Having more beans and vegetables with your dinner will not only help you manage the cravings, but it will help you regulate your blood sugar as well as give some extra grams of much needed fiber. Yep… You know about the day after Thanksgiving restroom visit…

Cook with good starches: Try to find starches that are delicious and give you lots of nutrition. I prefer sweet potatoes, red potatoes, or squash.


You could go meatless!
You can always celebrate fall and give thanks with a plant-based meal. If you like your roasted turkey, just make it. However, you can always choose to go meatless. This is YOUR thanksgiving, so make it what you want it… Aren’t you thankful for freedom of choice?? I thought so!

Buy local.
Shop at your local farmers’ market for your produce, spices, seasonings and flowers. Buy organic if available. These items are more likely to be farmed in a sustainable and ethical manner without much of the unnecessary chemicals and pesticides. On top of that, you will make the farmer really happy and thankful for the extra earnings (Plus who wants to deal with over crowded stores anyway?).

Drink water. Make sure that you are keeping your body hydrated. You will probably be eating a lot of rich salty foods and maybe drinking some beer or wine. Your body needs water, lots of it! Please add water to your healthy habits list this thanksgiving.

Fiber + Probiotics: This is crucial to brake down your food and give your belly some healthy bacteria. After all, a lot of the meals during Thanksgiving cause a lot of inflammation in the body. Make sure that your are taking an extra dose of high quality fiber and pharmaceutical grade probiotics. If you don’t know which ones to buy, these are the ones that I recommend.


Give more. Save a meal or two for the next couple of days if you want to enjoy the rest of the weekend away from the kitchen (after a whole day of cooking who wouldn’t?!?). Get your to-go containers out on the counter and let people take some of the leftover food home. This will show your guest a token of your appreciation for spending their precious time with you and it will also help you avoid finishing the extra loaded mushed potatoes all by yourself!

Meet yourself half way. Whether your goal is to have self-control over what you eat or eat as much as you can “because you will start your diet on Monday”, make sure that you mellow out. Thanksgiving is not about focusing on the “negative f’s” of life (fearing, fretting, faulting or failing) but it is about enjoying the “positive f’s” that we all should be thankful for: Family, fun, food and feeling great! 

It’s all about truly giving thanks. I’ve been on this earth for three decades. Being in a state like California, where the coast lines measure their age by the millennia, helps put age into perspective. But still, it amazes me that I’ve been around “for long enough” to realize that Gratitude is one of the best ways to find contentment in life. We, I include myself in this, are often discontent with our lives. We always want, desire and pray for more  because we don’t realize how much we have. Instead of focusing on what we don’t have, I invite all of us to be grateful for the amazing gifts we’ve been given: Family, health, love, nature, country music (hehe you may disagree on that one!).

Let’s start this healthy Thanksgiving by being grateful for all the things that can’t be measured: Love, hugs, smiles, snuggles… Who’s counting anything anyway?

My BIG THANKS this year go to my wonderful family. I wouldn’t be where I am without their ongoing support (and extreme honesty). I am also beyond thankful for the opportunity to help people in their journey to better function, better health and better life. There is not a better gift for me than having the good fortune of serving others in their journey to health, wellness and freedom.


What are some other ways you plan on celebrating this Thanksgiving? Please share below. I’d love to hear them. Happy (early) Thanksgiving!

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Yours in Health,
Janise Ojeda

There aren’t enough words to clearly express what this amazing woman has done for me both physically and emotionally. I owe my health and rehabilitation to Janise and her expertise. I am forever thankful for her guidance, counseling, and endless support. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without her and her program…

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