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Unless you are in the health and wellness field, you probably do not thinking about the color of your urine. As a health coach, the color of someone’s urine can alert me about health and dehydration issues. What you need to pay attention to is the clarity or darkness of your urine.



The color of your urine is a great indicator of whether or not you are hydrating well enough. If your urine is clear or straw-colored, then you’re drinking sufficient fluids. If it becomes dark yellow or brown, then you are likely to be somewhat dehydrated.

Although the recommendations for water intake vary according to the person’s weight, a good rule of thumb is to drink at least three quarts of water per day. This will help you stay properly hydrated and will also help you produce at least 2.5 quarts of urine a day.

What color is a good color for urine?

Clear to light yellow urine falls within the normal colors of urine, also known as the healthy range. Odd colors such as blue or orange are usually the result of medications such as certain antibiotics, antidepressants and laxatives.

Colors of concern

The two colors you should never ignore are dark brown and red. Sometimes eating certain foods -such as beets- will change the pigment of your urine to a pinkish color. However, the color of your urine should return to normal within a day. If you haven’t recently eaten beets or any other red-hue foods, pink to reddish coloring is cause for concern. It means red blood cells may be present in a large enough amount to discolor the urine. These blood cells in your urine can be a sign of infection, kidney stones or some other underlined health issue. Even if you see your urine turn pink or red one time, you should contact your doctor and get checked.

What about dark brown urine? Even though dark brown doesn’t always mean disease, it could be a sign that you are extremely dehydrated. If you take more fluids and your blood remains brown, then you should pay a visit to your medical doctor.


Photo Adapted from UC Irvine Health

When to check

You definitely don’t have to take a look at the color of your urine every time you use the restroom (What a relief!). It’s best to do it twice a day, check first thing in the morning and right before bed.

Because no one will voluntarily check your urine for you, you have to get used to making it a daily habit. You are the best advocate for your health and wellness and monitoring your own health is such a gift!

As always, these are just guidelines and this information is not meant to diagnose, cure, and prevent any disease.

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