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If you have been following me for awhile, you probably know that I am a very strong believer in supplementation. The good kind, pharmaceutical grade, third party tested, FDA approved kind of supplements. There are many reasons why I think supplementation is invaluable, but the most important reason is this one: As much as it hurts to admit it, we don’t get all the nutrients we need for OPTIMAL health from our food source anymore. We may get enough nutrients to “get by” but not adequate amounts to prevent degenerative diseases. Recent research has shown a very strong correlation between supplementation and health. However, in this literature little has been said or shown about this very important vitamin called vitamin “N”.  Have you heard of it?

American Journalist and Author of the Best Seller “Last Child in the Woods” talks about a disease of the modern world called Nature Deficit Disorder, which emphasizes the lack of Vitamin “N” in our daily lives. “N” stands “Nature” of course. ONE HOUR OF VITAMIN “N” CAN IMPROVE:

– Concentration and information retention.
– Stress and anxiety.
– Blood pressure, cortisol levels and heart rate.
– Mood, affect and immunity.
– Creativity.
– Self-esteem.


– If you have a front or backyard with some greenery, well what a great opportunity!
– Take your exercise outdoors, whether is walking, yoga or propelling your wheelchair. Feel the fresh air caressing your face, ahh… what a delicacy!
– Take your family time “Alfresco”. I’m Hispanic, all we do is family time. Outside? Never! Why not talk about that “Novela” sitting under the tree?
– Plant a garden,  no space? No excuse! There is such a thing as “container gardening” now days. There are even free community gardens you can volunteer at.
– Find a park, this is by far the most direct experience with nature, the smell of fresh cut grass?? Mmmm, so lovely.
– Have a picnic and get the best of both worlds: Natural scenery and nutritious food.

Getting your vitamin “N” is “Necessary” for your emotional, physical and mental well-being.

Yours in Health,
Janise Estrella Ojeda

There aren’t enough words to clearly express what this amazing woman has done for me both physically and emotionally. I owe my health and rehabilitation to Janise and her expertise. I am forever thankful for her guidance, counseling, and endless support. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without her and her program…

Randy V





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