Meet Janise

passionately pursuing the ideal life style? it's my purpose!


I am a passionate entrepreneur, modern health coach, yoga teacher, occupational therapist and an unshakable living soul dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be.


I was born in San Diego and raised in Mexico. With nothing more than fear of failing, an old laptop and “an idea” of what could be possible, I am thankful to have created a health conscious online business that has touched hundreds of people.


Through my health and wellness programs, world-class nutritional products and partners and costumers in 16 countries, I help women like you design their lives around what’s important to them.


One of the things I am often asked is “Why in the world did you get started in all this?” Followed by “you have a Master’s Degree”…


Well, for as long as I can remember, I’ve been extremely curious about what makes people fulfilled. I’ve been searching for that “something” that makes people genuinely happy, successful and free. I’ve always wondered what my life would look like if I simply trusted my gut and pursued my dreams.


I was also incredibly passionate about very many unrelated things such as psychology, finances, entrepreneurship, education, fitness, personal growth, health, food, photography, travel, yoga, math… to name a few…


After several years in the corporate world and a lot -A LOT- of effort trying to be and do ONE thing. One day I realized “hmm, my skills and passions should be a gift, not a burden”.


I decided to slowly start giving up the security of the 9-5 job and began teaching yoga through my first company Rehab Yoga®. I also started giving health education talks, creating personalized nutrition programs and doing a multitude of fun gigs to slowly build My Designer Life® coaching business.


In a nutshell, I’ve been one of those people that didn’t fit in in the “one size fits all” type of job. I knew it was time to bring my whole self to the table and embrace my unique talents if I wanted to thrive as a new entrepreneur.


After a couple of years doing the do, I believe that no matter what obstacles an barriers you find along the way, you have the power to design your life and help others do the same.


I continue to learn new things as I go along because being a creative entrepreneur, living a life of purpose and giving your actions meaning requires you to show up fully every single day.


Which brings me to may next point…


I’m here to serve, to serve you and serve the world. My business is built on love, health and passion for what’s possible. I’m here to make a difference. My free content, my paid online wellness programs, my product brand partnership and anything else I may offer is to keep a roof over my head.


Yes, this is a business, yes I promote things and I am VERY GRATEFUL earning a living doing what I do.


My commitment is to bring to you the very best wellness advice and keep things easy -and real-. If you’ve read this far THANK YOU. I am honored.


The PROVEN path to healthy living.


Personalized and adapted yoga.


Create your business, design your life.


Become a health coach.

There aren’t enough words to clearly express what this amazing woman has done for me both physically and emotionally. I owe my health and rehabilitation to Janise and her expertise. I am forever thankful for her guidance, counseling, and endless support. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without her and her program…

Randy V







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